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Delivering Lecture by Toyoaki Yamauchi, President of IRID [IAEA Scientific Forum 2023] (September 25, 2023)

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference was held from September 25 to 29, 2023 at the IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria. The IAEA Side Events, including booth exhibitions hosted by participating countries, were also held during the conference. At the Japan booth, panels for reconstruction and decommissioning in Fukushima were displayed.

At the IAEA Scientific Forum of the General Conference, leading experts delivered lectures focusing on nuclear innovations for the usage of nuclear energy and so on. On September 26, 2023, Toyoaki Yamauchi, President of the International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning (IRID), gave a presentation on Innovation for Fukushima-Daiichi Decommissioning: Future Challenges and Expectations in the sessionⅡ of the Scientific Forum. The IRID President Yamauchi talked about roles of IRID to develop decommissioning technology for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (NPS), investigation results of the primary containment vessel interiors for fuel debris retrieval and technological development conducted by IRID.

After the lecture, speakers of the Scientific Forum SessionⅡ joined a panel discussion and engaged in active debate. The topic of the discussion included raising issues concerning how investigation for the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi NPS will involve in the nuclear safety in future.

●Date of the IAEA Scientific ForumⅡ: Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 15:15 – 17:00 (local time)

●Venue: IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

IRID will actively provide research results of the decommissioning for the Fukushima Daiichi NPS in international society.

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    Panel discussion after the lecture

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