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Research Development (R&D)

IRID has been developing the following research.

R&D for Fuel Removal from Spent Fuel Pool

Research on long-term integrity evaluation of fuel assemblies removed from spent fuel pool and on treatment methods for damaged fuel.

R&D for Preparation of Fuel Debris Retrieval

  • – R&D on remotely-operated decontamination technology for the reactor building and planning for comprehensive radiation reduction.
  • – R&D on investigation and repair (to stop water leakage) technology to submerge the primary containment vessel (PCV), and investigation technology inside the PCV and reactor pressure vessel (RPV).
  • – R&D on methods and devices to retrieve fuel debris and reactor internals. Development of technology for the collection, transfer, and storage of fuel debris inside the reactor, as well as R&D on critical control technology for fuel debris and measurement control methods.
  • – R&D on fuel debris characterization using simulated fuel debris, analysis of fuel debris properties, and fuel debris treatment technology.
  • – Development of integrity evaluation technology for RPVs and PCVs. R&D on identifying the reactor internal by upgrading technology for accident progression analysis.

R&D for Treatment and Disposal of Radioactive Waste

R&D on the treatment and disposal of radioactive waste including secondary waste generated by contaminated water treatment.