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What's New in 2020


Dec. 14
The International Conference on Recovery After Nuclear Accidents: A Lecture Delivered by the President of IRID at the Conference (December 1, 2020)
Dec. 14
Booth Display at the Robot & Aerospace Festa Fukushima 2020: Introduction of R&D and Technology for the Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station(November 27 and 28, 2020)
Nov. 6
The 129th Robotics Engineering Seminar on Robots Utilized for the Reconstruction of Fukushima, the Robotics Society of Japan: Lecture by Dr. Tamio Arai, Vice President of IRID(October 21, 2020)
Oct. 30
The 2020 Fall Meeting of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (Online Meeting): Lecture by Mr. Naoaki Okuzumi, Senior Manager of the R&D Strategy Planning Department and Dr. Hideki Yoshikawa, Deputy General Manager of R&D Management Department(September 16-17, 2020)
Oct. 16
The Tohoku University Safety Seminar on Light Water Reactor (Nuclear Decommissioning Class): Lectured by Mr. Kenro Takamori (IRID) and Dr. Satoshi Okada (Hitachi-GE) (September 29, 2020)
Mar. 25
The 3rd Japan–Russia Joint Forum for Education and Research: Lecture by Mr. Naoaki Okuzumi at Tokyo Institute of Technology(February 20, 2020)
Mar. 25
PreADES Project Meeting Held at OECD/NEA Headquarters in Paris, France: Lecture Presented by Mr. Tomozo Koyama, Senior Manager of the R&D Management Department (February 12 and 13, 2020)
Feb. 28
The Tochigi Aerospace Conference; Lecture by Mr. Naoaki Okuzumi at the 108th Annual Workshop(February 13, 2020)