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Technology Advisory Committee

1. Purpose

The Technology Advisory Committee was formed to provide IRID with technical advice and information from high level experts to establish a plan that takes into consideration the progress of all R&D projects being implemented by IRID, and also to provide for flexibility for changes in the organization.

2. Members of the Technology Advisory Committee

Chairperson: Koji Okamoto, Professor of School of Engineering, University of Tokyo.
Members: Hajime Asama, Professor of School of Engineering, University of Tokyo,
Yutaka Watanabe, Professor of School of Engineering, Tohoku University,
Shinsuke Yamanaka, Professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University,
Osamu Tochiyama, Director, Radiation and Waste Safety Research Center,
Nuclear Safety Research Association,
Katsuki Takiguchi, Professor emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

3. Subcommittees

Some subcommittees have been established under the Technology Advisory Committee to provide IRID with opinions for each R&D project from the technical perspective. They are as given below.

  • Fuel Debris Retrieval Technologies
  • Evaluation of PCV/RPV Integrity
  • Reactor Interior and Fuel Debris Evaluation
  • Radioactive Waste Treatment/Disposal